Thanks for dropping by the RJC Academy website. We are excited about the way the Lord has blessed the expanding RJC Academy classes. People who are just starting their adventure of loving Japanese for Jesus, those who are actually ministering right now with Japanese in Japan and outside of Japan, and even Japanese themselves have found the classes helpful.

My name is Don Wright, and I serve as the administrator/director of the academy. After serving in Japan as church-planting missionaries for a number of years, JoAnn and I were led to return to the US to work full-time with Reaching Japanese for Christ. We now live just east of Seattle, Washington.

I am thankful for Naoko Brown who serves as administrative assistant and instructor in the Academy. Anne Crescini of Kyushu teaches Japan 102, and Mariana Nesbitt of South Africa teaches Japan 103. Also, Dr. Daniel Kikawa leads our Culture Specific Evangelism series.

RJC Academy is dedicated to help people better represent Jesus within the Japanese culture. This includes those who are just beginning their work with Japanese. Those who are preparing to go to Japan as short-termers or as career missionaries will also be helped. And for those who are in the midst of ministries in Japan or in other parts of the world, but need additional help to become more effective will want to connect with RJC Academy. The Academy began in 2008.


1. The academy will offer training and educational opportunities through multiple channels, including on-line, classroom and mentoring methods.

2. The program will be available to Christians wherever they are.

3. The program will train students in Bible, spiritual life, basic evangelism and discipleship in the context of Japanese culture, religion, history and language.


RJC Academy equips Christians to effectively reach Japanese for Christ.


To train and network Japanese and English speakers to effectively minister to Japanese.


Christians who have a burden for the evangelization of Japanese people

1 Those who are already ministering to Japanese

2. Those who feel led to minister to Japanese

3. Those preparing for full-time or short-term ministries in Japan

4. Those who are being recruited for Japanese ministry


Because of the experience and needs of each student, there will be flexibility in order to meet each person’s objectives and timeframe. At the time of enrolment a person will submit a clear statement of intent.

In each class there will be reading, lectures, papers or reports, consultation, and ministry experience. There will also be a progressive emphasis on learning to work with strategic local, regional, national, and international partners in order to leverage opportunities and resources. There will be a clear beginning and an end to the program. As the program develops we hope to offer courses with credit- and not-for-credit options. Courses may be offered in cooperation with external partner institutions.

Program style:

  • Online
  • Utilizing material already available
  • RJC Conference material


Japan 101
Japan 102
Japan 103
Culture Specific Evangelism 101
Culture Specific Evangelism 201
Preparing to Go 101
Hosting Japanese Training