Welcome to the Reaching Japanese for Christ (RJC) Academy, an online learning platform designed to equip believers to effectively reach and minister to Japanese. We offer a series of online courses covering a range of topics related to Japanese evangelism, ministry, and church planting/multiplication.

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Spring Quarter 2021 

April 5 to May 30

     Japan 101

     Mentorship class (Japanese Only)

April 12 to June 6

    CSE 101

April 19 to June 13

    Starting and Developing Churches in Japan

    CSE 201

Courses Offered:

Introduction to Japanese People, Culture & Perspective:

The three classes, Japan 101, 102, and 103, can be taken in any order.

Japan 101

Do you have a heart for Japanese people but don’t know much about their historical and cultural background? If so, this 8-week study program will give you a brief background and understanding of Japan from a Christian point of view.

Japan 102

In this 8-week study program, we will explore the core concepts and values that form the Japanese worldview. Understanding these concepts is a crucial component in effectively sharing the love of Jesus.

Japan 103

This eight-week study program will explore how to share a gospel message that is less foreign and more acceptable to the Japanese heart and mind. It will explore using Japanese redemptive analogies, literature, religion, religious consciousness, festival days and ceremonies and good Japanese communication to address objections to the gospel and bridge the cultural gap for Jesus.



Cultural Specific Evangelism:

 The two classes, CSE 101 and CSE 201 must be taken in order as they build upon one another.

Culture Specific Evangelism 101

This 8-week study program will give a general introduction to culture-specific evangelism. Through this study, we will be able to more effectively explain the gospel to people of different worldviews and cultures.

Culture Specific Evangelism 201

This 8-week study program will explore principles for presenting a non-western cultural gospel within a Japanese context.


メンタリング準備コース (Mentoring Prep Course):

This course is offered in Japanese only.




Evangelism, Church Planting

Sowing The Gospel In Japanese Soil:

This eight-week study program will provide tools to understand and engage Japanese religious beliefs and worldview with the purpose of touching hearts and meeting needs through the gospel in the Japanese context.

Starting and Developing Churches in Japan:

This eight-week study program will investigate the challenges and opportunities to bring the gospel to the Japanese people and form them into faith communities (churches). What can be learned from effective ministry in Japan?