Week 1 Japanese Religion September 20-26

Session 1

Japanese Religion

* View Week One Video.
* Read Religion in Japan Wikipedia
* Read A Guide to Japanese Buddhism by Buddhanet.
* Participate in a telephone conference call. The call will help to get acquainted with the students, explain procedures and answer any questions.


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    RJC Academy Facebook Page


    I don’t know that we announced it in our first call, but we have an RJC Academy Facebook page to facilitate more dialogue and interactions with past, current and prospective students. Feel free to visit and post thoughts, questions, exciting bits you have learned etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/academyrjc

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    Sowing into Japan seems community based


    This quote from the guide to Japanese Buddhism struck me as quintessentially Japanese. “But the influential Soga clan favored Buddhism; they believed that it had much to offer for the enrichment of their culture.”

    If something has value for the group, it might make it. If it doesn’t have value for the group, why bother to spend time on it?

    • randyloubier

      by the way, my comment is not disparaging, rather I find it refreshingly “others” oriented. the westerner pursues things that will enrich themselves. So, Christianity needs to enrich themself to pursue it. Whereas I am hearing that the Japanese are looking for ways to enrich the group.