Week 1: A Brief Review April 4-10

Week 1 Japan – A Brief Review

Conference Call: The time for the call will be arranged so that the participants will all be able to get acquainted.

Japan 101 Week 1 Video


Reading: 1. Understanding Japan: Part One Japan–A Brief Review

  • Chapter One: Origin of the Japanese People

2. Japan-Guide

  • As you have time and interest, read Historical Section-Early Japan through Azuchi-Momoyama Period.
  • You may read as many sections as you have time for.

Writing: Weekly Paper: “Impressions and Points from Your Reading”

  • Each writing assignment throughout the course has a 100 word minimum and no maximum word limit. Use this as an opportunity to reflect and apply what you have read. This is to be written in your comment section of Japan 101.
  • Read as many of the other students’ writings and comment on at least two of them. Comments need not meet a 100-word limit.


  • Pray daily for Japan and Japanese, using Operation Japan. Make a note in your blog concerning the information and/or your prayer.

Extra Suggestions:

Here are some of the links that others have shared: