Week 2: Introduction to Culture Specific Evangelism (part 2) September 20-26

  • View Week Two Video (Dr. Daniel Kikawa).
  • Read through and play Game #1 in The Cross-Cultural Evangelism Game. If possible, use the workbook in a group-learning experience.
  • Pray daily for Japan and Japanese, using Operation Japan.
  • Post thoughts and questions online.


  • 1

    What is the best way to participate in festivals and evangelize?


    Going through Game #1, I was reminded of a tradition we would do on at my Christian University called Trick or Treat on College Street. Our themes for each dorm would not be scary at all but would be ecosystems or Disney movies. We would overly decorate and set up games. We would then open up our campus to our local neighborhood families to provide a safe place to trick or treat, since our local neighborhood was not the safest place to do so. I knew a lot of people who disagreed with this, because it felt like compromising for halloween. This is something I have always wrestled with myself. After listening to missionaries and reading books like The Cross-Cultural Evangelism, it makes since to participate in order to invite others in and show how all of creation and life leads back to Christ and sin and death can not over come Him. I am still curious about the balance between participating and still honoring God.

    • Brandalyn

      LeAnne, you have hit the crux of the challenge for me. I want to understand God’s heart on this stuff. I wonder where the line is? It is such a continuum of grey – from doing it and believing in it to not doing it at all. I wonder what God’s perspective is when we go through the actions and say the words of rituals or ceremonies that are not honoring to him, but we do it completely detached and not in a “participatory” manner… I suspect that there is greater power in the things that we say with our mouth than we realize…. but I wonder about the actions (like lighting an incense stick with a friend to honor their deceased relative, but not doing it to pray for any spirits…). Heavenly Father, we need you to teach us what things look like through your eyes! Please lead us in your Spirit and your truth!

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    Spirit lead? Me lead? Intellectually lead?


    I am thinking a lot about how we discern the right approach to CSE – what do we use as it is in a culture, what do we try to redeem? what do we walk away from? I am thinking that a HUGE part of this is obviously seeking the Lord, but really moving in step with His leading and direction. If He gives us peace and confirmation that something is His way, then we can proceed in it with confidence (I think of Peter being shown all the animals to kill and eat and yet so many of them were not clean for Jews to eat. The only way that that was clearly OK was for God to tell him so). I expect that it is really dangerous for us to make decisions based on the intellectual arguments or our own thoughts and feelings. I think of 2 Samuel 6 where Uzzah put his hand out to steady the arc and was struck down. Emotionally, intellectually, humanly, what he did was good and wise – and even “in God’s best interests.” But…. the whole thing was against God’s instructions to the people. The manner in which they were transporting the Arc was in direct opposition to what they had been told to do. So God did not make any exception for “not touching the arc” in Uzzah’s action. Lord, how do we correctly discern your will and your way?! Lead us! Tune us to hear you!