Week 2: Introduction to culture specific evangelism (part 2) April 20-26

  • View Week Two Video (Dr. Daniel Kikawa).
  • Read through and play Game #1 in The Cross-Cultural Evangelism Game. If possible, use the workbook in a group-learning experience.
  • Pray daily for Japan and Japanese, using Operation Japan.
  • Post thoughts and questions online.


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    Week 2 - Brandalyn


    I REALLY enjoyed the Cross Cultural Evangelism Game. My husband and I did it together and discussed it. There is great power in turning things around and examining our own cultural traditions through the skeptical eye of an outsider! It is very exposing, isn’t it?!!

    It gives us much to think about as to how hypocritical we might be in evaluating other nations’ traditions when we aren’t looking that deeply into the meaning of our own. How many of us have ever thought about or dug into the background, history and meaning of the things we do?! We got to experience this a few years ago when we had pastors come to be posted to our church from Ukraine. He was horrified by the mindset of our church that “well, this is how we’ve always done it.” He kept asking “why do you do this?” “Have you ever thought about why you do it?” “Have you looked into the history of where this came from?” “Is it honoring God?” These are such good questions to ask and prayerfully pose to/with the Lord!

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    Week 2 - Ed again

    Ed Thomas

    Game #1 was excellent. Always valuable to turn the lens on oneself. I was previously aware of the secular origins of some American traditions and holidays, but many in the book were new to me and quite eye-opening! This will definitely impact the way I view other cultures’ traditions and practices. I can also see the value in sharing this information with both “goers” and “senders” and I certainly plan to do so.

    • Brandalyn

      It is a valuable exercise, isn’t it?! I think that few of us western believers, on our own, might recognize the “planks in our own eyes” with respect to our judging of other culture’s traditions! Most of us know little or nothing (truly) about our own!

    • Tnishihara

      i was not aware of the secular origins of some american traditions.

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    Week 2 reading


    1. I loved game 1 in Cross-Cultural Evangelism…my first thought was I need to begin praying more diligently for the stronghold of pride and “western Christianity” to fall in my own life, and my second thought was I want all of my friends to read this book and play this game. Thank you Daniel!

    • Tnishihara

      I agree with praying more and letting others read the book too…

    • Brandalyn

      My husband and I have talked about how if we go into Missions work, we want to go for our training to another country and culture. We think it would be valuable to add some outside eyes to our learning and not just further entrench the western viewpoints we have always been taught.

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    I really enjoyed the game #1
    I was really exposed to the background to our own traditions in our Western World. I was really intrigued by how Paul used the words of the greek poetic poem to reach the people in Acts 17:28.

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    Week 2: A.T


    This text is wonderful. I both wish I had it years ago and want to buy copies for everyone I know. I discovered many new insights to the customs and traditions we have in the west and especially had my eyes opened by the question number 4 as an example of things I knew nothing about. Thank you Daniel!

    My husband and I did this together and found much to talk about in our on going journey of discovering cultural differences and norms between the two of us. There has been many things in Japan that we have asked “why” to, but now my eyes are open to many more “why’s” of American culture too.

    We live in the countryside of Japan and at the end of the day a song plays over the loud speakers at 5:00 pm for farmers. I always thought the song was a hymn but now I wonder if it was a secular song that has been made into a hymn. I think the song is : https://youtu.be/dCDKWbQre0M titled alone in the world.

    • alea.take

      or sorry correction this is the noontime one. but anyways.