Week 4: Cultural Concepts May 11-17



  • Ch. 28, Pg 233-242 “The Japanese Custom of Gift Giving,” Zoto 贈答
  • Ch. 27, Pg 223-232 “Simplicity and Elegance as Japanese Ideals for Beauty,” Wabi-Sabi 侘び寂び
  • Ch. 4, Pg 35-40 “The Japanese Sense of Beauty,” Bigaku 美学
  • Ch. 3, Pg 23-34 “Descent from Heaven,” Amakudari 天下り


Visit a Japanese Church. Observe different ways that the cultural characteristics in the book are seen at the Japanese church.

  • (If that is not possible, interview someone who has attended.)

Writing: Weekly Paper: “Impressions and Points from Your Reading”

  • 1. Interact with the discussion questions at the end of each chapter.
  • 2. Discuss how these cultural characteristics might affect your ministry with Japanese people.


  • Pray daily for Japan and Japanese, using Operation Japan. Make a note in your blog concerning the information and/or your prayer.

Extra Suggestions: