Week 4: Eternity in Their Hearts (part 1) October 4-10

  • View Week Four Video (Dr. Daniel Kikawa).
  • Read Eternity in Their Hearts, pages 1 – 96, Chapters 1-2.
  • Pray daily for Japan and Japanese, using Operation Japan. 
  • Post thoughts and questions online.


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    How can we help churches push into Japanese culture and not Western culture?


    Between the video this week and the book, I was reminded of a situation our Pastor had to work with a partner church in Kenya with. Our church partners with several churches in Kenya, there was one church that lived in a very hot area, and they wanted to build a “normal church” and asked for metal sheets to build one. The pastor and elders had to be coached out of that idea into using a traditional tent, because it would have been like being in an oven.

    This got me thinking about issues missionaries told me about with Japanese churches. One was that there is a mindset that traditional western hymns are what need to be sung in church, but different missionaries and younger Japanese Christians are trying to create and present Japanese worship music. I listened to some on Spotify, and it sounds great! In what ways can we present the gospel and help churches see Christ in their context and not a Western context?