Week 5: Eternity in Their Hearts (part 2) May 10-16

  • View Week Five Video (Dr. Daniel Kikawa).
  • Read Eternity in Their Hearts, pages 97-192, Chapters 3-7.
  • Pray daily for Japan and Japanese, using Operation Japan. 
  • Post thoughts and questions online.
  • Participate in a telephone conference call.


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    After this week's call:


    Wow, after this week’s call, I am feeling so compelled that we need to be praying about the impacts of the past on the Japanese – the ways that God’s word and reputation has been tainted to the Japanese over time (some by well-meaning and some by cruel intentions).

    Lord, we can’t go and erase the past, we can’t heal the hurt. But you can. You can use what was intended for evil for good. You can use what could prevent the penetration of your gospel for the greater furtherance of your message into Japanese hearts. We humbly come to you and ask you to be working through the hurts of the past and lead us in how you can use us now moving forward as we seek to reach the Japanese.

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    More from this week's call - parallels at home here.


    I really feel like there is a profound need for us to wrestle with the cross cultural parallels of what is allowable and dis-allowable to be a believer in Japan vs. at home. Our questions on “can you keep the butsudan and be a believer?” or “can you be a Buddhist and be a believer” etc. etc. are SO VERY parallel to in our nations “can you be homosexual and be a believer? Can you be an alcoholic and be a believer? Can you have a drug addiction and be a believer?

    These are really all the same basic questions, aren’t they? It comes down to primarily: what is required to be saved.

    And then it goes into what is required for a holy life that pleases God? But if we are honest, none of us are truly living a holy life and we are all works in progress. Right?

    I think that being able to identify that journey from being saved to allowing God to refine you (and that we are ALL on it) – listening to his leading where change is needed – is EXTREMELY KEY in discipleship. Because it is 2 fold:
    1) if we don’t, we are REALLY putting unreal expectations on ourselves. We are telling the people that because we are saved we are perfectly holy. So then when we fall, we are going to tarnish God’s name and likely turn them off of him too.
    2) they need the grace to know that they don’t have to be perfect, but that God is going to be speaking to them to refine them too.