Week 6: Japanese Culture and Christian Faith May 9-15

Week 6 Japanese Culture and Christian Faith


  • Chapter Eleven: Christianity’s Contribution to Japanese Life
  • Chapter Twelve: Elements of Japanese Culture
  • Chapter Thirteen: Spiritual Culture in Japan
  • How to Share the Good News With Your Japanese Friend by Mark Reasoner Page 1-15
  • This text can be purchased here.

Writing: Weekly Paper: “Impressions and Points from Your Reading”

  • Continue to adhere to the 100 word minimum for this assignment. Use this as an opportunity to reflect and apply what you have read. This is to be written in your comment section of Japan 101.
  • Read as many of the other students’ writings as you have time and comment on at least two of them.
  • Japanese Pre-Contextualization Assignment:
  • List out the basic elements of the Good News of Jesus Christ that is preached in Acts 10:34-48 and Acts 17:22-34, and the manner in which their messages were delivered. These separate lists serve as summary descriptions of the Gospel. Then list out any cultural, theological, or communication barriers Japanese people might have related to each basic element in your lists. Use any information you have encountered from the course so far. (Things to pay attention to are what Japanese people would generally reject theologically, methodologically, or culturally.) The purpose of this assignment is to help you begin to theorize how to share each point of the Gospel in a meaningful way with a Japanese person.


  • Pray daily for Japan and Japanese, using Operation Japan. Make a note in your blog concerning the information and/or your prayer.

Extra Suggestions: