Week 7: Human Relationships #2 May 16-22



  • Ch. 3, Pg 23-34 “Descent from Heaven,” Amakudari 天下り
    • Ch. 23, Pg 187-194 “Seniority Rules in Japanese Relations,”Sempai-Koha 先輩ー後輩
    • Ch. 24, Pg 193-200 “Japanese Group Consciousness,” Shudan Ishiki 集団意識


Interview: a non-Japanese who has visited Japan. Discuss their impressions. Offer insights from your Japan 102studies.

  • Writing: Weekly Paper: “Impressions and Points from Your Reading”
    • 1. Amakudari not only occurs at the national level in Japan but can also be found in local offices at the prefectural and municipal levels. In other words, it seems to be a pervasive practice in Japan. What would be the Biblical view of Amakudari? How should believers respond to it in thought, act, and conversation?
    • 2.What should the roles of sempai, kohai and keigo be within the Japanese Christian community?
    • 1. Interact with the discussion questions at the end of each chapter.
    • 3. Discuss how these cultural characteristics might affect your ministry with Japanese people.
    • 4. How do the Japanese concepts of Sempai-Kohai potentially impact the dynamic of the Japanese church?
    • 5. Do you see the Japanese concept of group consciousness being a challenge to bringing the gospel to Japan? 
    • 5.b. How do you think it could be overcome?


    • Pray daily for Japan and Japanese, using Operation Japan. Make a note in your blog concerning the information and/or your prayer.
    • Topics related to this week’s learning:
      • Ministry to Professionals – The Word for Professionals (Nov 20-25)

    Extra Suggestions: