Week 8: Relationship and Obligations May 23-29

Conference Call: Participate in a final conference call.


  • Ch. 26, Pg 217-222 “Dual Meanings in Japanese Human Relations,” Uchi to Soto 内と外
  • Ch. 10, Pg 95-102 “Japanese Social Obligations,” Giri 義理 
  • Ch. 28, Pg 233-242 “The Japanese Custom of Gift Giving,” Zoto 贈答

Anne’s Blog post title: お返しの方が価値あるバイor Return Gifts Cost More</li>

Anne’s Blog post title: 「今」を生きる日本人or Living for the Moment


Interview: a Japanese.

  • Concentrate your interview on their religious background and perception of Christianity.
  • Discuss problems concerning their understanding of the Bible.



  • 1. Can foreigners ever become Uchi, or will they always be Soto?  What can we do to bring this about? What can we do to make it more difficult to be accepted?
  • 2. Prior to reading these sections, were you familiar with the Japanese customs of gift-giving and giri? How does an understanding of these concepts shape your view of interactions and outreach to the Japanese? 
  • 3. How does the Zoto gift-giving custom exist in the Japanese Church/body of Christ? (Does anyone have experience with this?)
  • 4. How does the concept of gift-giving to the gods and expecting something in return impact your thoughts/approach to introducing people to the Lord and a relationship with Jesus?
  • 5. Please summarize your experience with this course including highlights and areas for improvement.
  • 6. Please share your goals and desires for further study and applications of this material in reaching the Japanese for Christ.


  • Pray:
  • Pray daily for Japan and Japanese, using Operation Japan. Make a note in your blog concerning the information and/or your prayer.