Week 8: Review October 26-November 1

Conference Call: Participate in a final conference call.

Anne’s Blog post title: 「今」を生きる日本人or Living for the Moment


  • Pray daily for Japan and Japanese, using Operation Japan. Make a note in your blog concerning the information and/or your prayer.

Interview: a Japanese.


  • Concentrate your interview on their religious background and perception of Christianity. Discuss problems concerning their understanding of the Bible.



  • Try to use this last assignment to summarize your course experience and share your goals and desires for further study and applications.
  • Read as many of the other students’ writings as you have time and comment on at least two of them.


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    Final Thoughts and Review

    Steven La Voie

    Going through this class has been very helpful in understanding the Japanese culture. I have seen a lot of the discussed aspects of Japanese culture in my personal interactions with the Japanese people and also by watching Japanese media too. When I was younger, I would watch a lot of Japanese TV shows and anime and I thought that Japanese culture was “weird” back then. As I grew up, I learned about how each culture has its’ own worldview.

    It was for many years that I would not understand the Japanese culture until God called me to reach the Japanese with Christ. I read the book before as I was engaging in ministry with the Japanese and I learned a few things. Not until I took this class has my understanding of the Japanese culture grown by leaps and bounds am I able to identify many kinds of elements that make Japanese culture what it is known for.

    Taking this class has allowed me to improve my interpersonal relationships with Japanese people too. Now that I understand more about the Japanese culture, I have found myself less confused on communicating with them and have gained a better appreciation for it. No longer is the culture so foreign and “strange” for me, but rather it is making more sense now. This has also helped me to find connecting points or bridges in sharing Jesus to a Japanese person and understanding how they see the world.

    The one concept that has stuck with me is iitoko-dori, the mixing of different elements from different cultures and adapting them to be their own (the Japanese). I have seen this cultural aspect in many different areas such as Japanese pop music, video games, anime shows, Japanese religious beliefs and practices and even with the language itself. This area continues to be a danger to the Gospel if Jesus is just added to the pantheon of kami they already worship and run the risk of syncretism even for Japanese believers too.

    • Alissa Bauer

      Steven! I’m so glad you were in this course. Your comments were so helpful to me and I really appreciated your heart for Japan!

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    Week 8

    Alissa Bauer

    Week 8: Review

    This course on the Japanese mind has been incredibly helpful to me. I came into this knowing close to nothing about Japan and now I feel that I have scratched the surface! It has ignited in me a deeper longing to reach the Japanese for Christ. The more that I learn about Japan, the more it seems that God was preparing me for this all along. It’s amazing to see his faithfulness and see the plans he has for me pan out.

    While this course has given me a deeper longing to reach Japan and an excitement in learning this culture, it has also given me a glimpse of how difficult it will be to do missions with this people group. Their unique culture makes it a little bit difficult to witness to – nevertheless, God doesn’t always call us to share the gospel in easy places. Because we rely on his faithfulness and not our own, it is possible to see many Japanese people come to know him.

    I was so excited every week to read all of our assigned chapters and would often go tell my family everything I had just learned. They’d look at me with puzzled faces because this culture is so hard to wrap the western mind around! I can’t wait to continue learning and growing. I’m so thankful this class kicked off the beginning of my journey in learning about Japan!

    • Steven La Voie

      Alissa, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am encouraged to hear that God has been preparing you for reaching the Japanese for many years. Yes, ministering to the Japanese is very difficult but God can overcome all barriers if you rely on Him for help. I hope that you continue to learn more about the Japanese people as you seek the Lord’s will in your life. Hopefully, there are Japanese people in your area that you can connect with and find out more about their culture and make friends with if you have not done so already.

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    Fukuoka Prayer

    Steven La Voie

    I prayed that many Christians who trust in Jesus would go to church and have fellowship.

    Father God, I pray for the many Christians in Fukuoka who trust in your Son for salvation that they may be in fellowship with other believers. May you encourage them to go back to church and not give in to the social pressure or fears of being associated with you and may you remind them that it is good to gather together and not be in isolation.

    • Riz Crescini

      Thank you for praying for my area, brother! Much appreciated!

    • Steven La Voie

      You are welcome Riz! I am glad to be praying for your area. I hope that I can visit Fukuoka someday too.

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    Summary - Brandalyn


    I appreciate having taken these RJC courses 17 years after my journey in discovering Japan began. I think that there has been great value in spending the time up until last year experiencing the culture and my friend’s family and experiencing these things without any real academic explanation. It makes this course and this book feel really applicable because I can apply it to real life situations that I have seen or heard or experienced. For me, that results in a much deeper learning. I appreciated the simplicity of the book and it’s understandability. Although I didn’t do so well in keeping in step with you guys for your timing, I have appreciated what you’ve written and the angles from which you have looked at different things. I think that the insight from this book will help me to even do a better job of going deeper and understanding, appreciating and working within the Japanese culture to love them better and reflect Christ to them.