Week 8: Review May 24-30

Week 8 Review

Conference Call: Participate in a final conference call.

        • Pray daily for Japan and Japanese, using Operation Japan. Make a note in your blog concerning the information and/or your prayer.

Interview: a Japanese.

      • Concentrate your interview on their religious background and perception of Christianity. Discuss problems concerning their understanding of the Bible.
      • A couple good interview questions are:”What kinds of things in life does your religious background say are good and true?”

        “What has your contact with Christianity been like so far? Please describe that experience.”


    • Try to use this last assignment to summarize your course experience and share your goals and desires for further study and applications.
    • Read as many of the other students’ writings as you have time and comment on at least two of them.


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    Joze (Week 8) Reflections


    Overall, this was a great course to take because it brought me from having minimal knowledge about Japanese history and culture to having more information to work with before entering the country.

    I’m grateful for this course (even though I’ve tried to constructively critique some aspects of the course material) because it has given me some resources to look back on for review and reference. I’ve especially appreciated the important Japanese values and the book “The Japanese Mind.” I’m looking forward to comparing and contrasting the information learned from this course with the actual experiences and lives of Japanese friends we hope to make in the country. I’ve also appreciated knowing about some important things to pray for Japan and some of the challenges Japanese people face.

    Blessings on y’all, Don-sensei and Naoko-sensei, for facilitating the group! And blessings to my fellow classmates from whom I’ve learned many things as well!

    • Naoko Brown

      Thank you, Joze! You are so dilligent! We appreciate and enjoyed your brilliant comments. Japan 102 will be offered this coming fall, so if you are interested in it, please contact Don. We hope to stay in touch with you!

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    Japanese Interview


    My friend’s husband grew up with a Catholic mom and not-particularly religious father. He and his brother went to mass with his mom for most of his life. He said he tried to hide his catholic family-ness because it made him stand out in Japanese society as a young person.

    In 2015 we were in Japan and I asked my friend to take us to the local Salvation Army church. I expected them to just drop us off, but she and her husband and their 2 little children (under 3 years old) came in with with and stayed for the service. Kanako – the wife – had attended church with my family for the year she spent with us in Canada, however this seemed to be her husband’s first experience in a protestant church service. We asked him what he thought of it. He said that it was quite different from what he had experienced and it “felt like going to grandma’s house” – so comfortable.” He has never given us much more insight into his thoughts on God/Christ/Church, but his wife, Kanako has made some interesting comments.

    On one of my last trips we were talking about prayer and she said “I am so interested that you and Jesse are so smart and educated (having gone to university and professional careers) and yet you pray to God for things. I thought she meant “interesting” in a polite, snide kind of way and so I said “I can see how you might think that us praying is strange and silly…” But she corrected me and said “No! I am so interested. I want to learn more about this.”

    Kanako also said that when she lived in Canada she thought that all Canadians were Christians who went to church because we introduced and supported her in Christian friend circles. She didn’t interact or stay with too many non-Christian families (apart from kids at the high school).

    Her cousin, on the other hand, who came for 4 months, stayed with a variety of people and although she stayed with a lovely lady, she was kind of wild living: drinking and smoking and fast, reckless driving. Yukina was a bit horrified by this ladies conduct and at times scared by it.